Monday, 7 December 2015

REVIEW - Outside the lines by Emily Goodwin - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

**I recieved an arc for my honest review**

Felicity is a coffee and gaming loving nerd who loves, well nerdy things.  She is a total computer genius and lives a very simple plain life.
That is until she bumps into Ben, literally bumps into him in the coffee shop.  He completely took her breath away, but she never thought she would see him again.  But fate had a different take on that and decided to throw her a curve ball.
They are perfect soulmates and are clearly destined to be together.

This book is totally lovely, heartwarming and warm and gooey like a freshly baked cookie.  I absolutely loved it.  Their love is just so perfect, the laughter, the fun, the hot sex.  It's all a recipe for the perfect relationship.  

If you want a soppy love story with zero drama and hot sex then this is the book for you, 

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