Thursday, 30 April 2015

REVIEW - Exotic Racing Crusader By Jordana Mia Lezamy - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

I was given a copy of this to read and review.

When I read the information I was given I was keen to read this. I love fast cars and hot romance and this book is the combination of both!!!

It was sheer unplanned coincidence that Kai ends up at the illegal street racing show for her birthday.  She never wanted to go, it really wasn't her scene.  That is until she was chosen to start the race and her eyes locked onto the eyes of a driver in one of the cars.  
Being a plus size girl Kai is always concious of her size, with Titan Thorin Thomas her curves are adored and loved from head to toe.
But love is not always problem free and Titan's past will come back to haunt him.  He may be fast but is he indestructible?

The storyline is a strong well written one, especially considering this is a debut book from a brand new author. There is drama, love, hot sex and omg I will never look at a strawberry in quite the same way ever again!!!!!

There is a book 2 in progress and I cannot wait to get my hands on that and find out what happens next!!!

Link to Jordana's amazon page

REVIEW - Bought (Assassin's Revenge Book 2) By Tara Crescent - REVIEWED BY KAREN

I was given a copy of this for a honest review.

This is book 2 in the series and it picks up exactly where book 1 left us.  It propels us 2 years into the future and explains a lot of things.  Ellie/Rachel or Jenny as she is now known as finds out there is a lot of things she doesn't know about Alexander/Marc and she realises she never knew anything real about him.  
The book is mostly told in her pov and explains a lot about what happened to her in the past and the things she had to endure in order to survive.  
You get to learn a lot about the characters that you met in book 1 and there is a lot of secrets that are thrown about and when these come to the surface it will cause massive issues.
A interesting captivating book with a lot of twists and turns in the plot and ending on a cliffhanger leaving you gagging for the next one!

link to Tara's amazon page

REVIEW - Found (Assassin's Revenge Book 1) By Tara Crescent - REVIEWED BY KAREN

I was given this book free for an honest review.

This is not the first of Tara's books I have read so I knew that I would enjoy it.  Her books never seem to disappoint me. 

 Ellie aka Rachel is a trained killer, it because of her traumatic past she forced herself to become strong and undefeatable so no man could ever hurt her again   and so she could seek her revenge. She is strong and focused, that is until she walks into the bar and lays eyes on Alexander aka Marc.  His good looks make her almost forget what she was there for, almost.............

When you have secrets and problems distractions can be good, and sometimes they can be bad.

The plot and storyline in this book is well written and captivated me from the start.  You feel the emotions the characters feel.
The love scenes are sexy and hot which is precisely what you want from a good love/sex scene!

A great book I would totally recommend.

link to Tara's amazon page

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

REVIEW - Saving Ayden By Muriel Garcia - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Choosing to read this was a huge step out of the normal for me. The only reason I bought it was because I won a copy of Teaching Aleck (book 2) therefore I needed to read book 1 first. I have never ever read any MC books and really didn't think it would be my thing at all.
Boy was I wrong??

Ayden and Anthony are best friends growing up amongst the Last Hangman MC.  Life with the club is all they have ever known, and life together is all they have ever wanted.
Until a fateful day when something happens to Ayden to change their lives forever, suddenly life as they know is is no more and what is in its place is a mere echo of what could have been.
For six years shes gone and he cannot have closure until he has answers, but will she give him them?
When she stops running and returns home, her past catches up with her and she needs her Last Hangman MC family to help her.

 I read this book in a day. It captivated me and pulled me in, the kids had to feed themselves and the husband got ignored!
Muriel did a fantastic job with her debut novel and I imagine they only get better.

So what have I learnt? Don't judge a book by its genre. Give it a chance and you may just like it!

visit Muriel Garcia's Amazon Page

REVIEW - Highland Wolf Clan Book 2 - The Alpha Decides By A.K.Michaels - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

After reading book one I immediately purchased this one and sat and read it within an hour!!!
I literally didn't eat, drink or even use the toilet!!!

Cameron has now reluctantly become the Alpha, a position he was adamant he never wanted.  Not that he had much of a choice. 
Now there are new threats to HIS pack and HIS white wolf and as Alpha he has no choice but to overcome them!
The feelings and situations he experiences are ones he is not used to and he's not keen on that.
The story that began in book 1 continues in book 2 and you get to watch the characters you already fell in love with grow and mature and develop into more complex characters.

This is only the second book I have read in this genre and I cannot wait for book three and more to be released.
The storyline is just captivating, it sucks you in and keeps you interested for the entire length of the book.
I especially love how things like how it feels to run when the characters are wolves. It makes you feel like you are actually running through the woods yourself as you read it.
The characters are intriguing and written in such a way that you can relate to them and feel everything they feel.
I absolutely love this series and cannot wait for more!!!

I also love the artwork, I was super lucky to win a copy of the paperback version of this book and it is beautiful.

Check out Ava's amazon page
A.K.Michaels Amazon Page

REVIEW - Highland Wolf Clan Book 1 -The reluctant Alpha By A.K.Michaels - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

This was the first ever shifter book I have ever read.
I'm not sure really what prompted me to read it other than I love wolves and have been trying new genres of books.
I had no idea what to expect or even if I would like it.

Cameron Sinclair is a respectable successful business man.  He is a multi-millionaire with a difference, he is a wolf.  
He hates the fact he is different and avoids transforming into his wolf for as long as he possibly can. 
He really doesn't get on with his father and when called back to his highland pack he reluctantly goes.
Cam and his friends have to travel to the USA to his uncles pack to help out with issues going on there.  What he wasn't banking on was catching sight of a captivating white wolf, who his inner wolf clearly adores.

I needn't have worried at all!!! I started this and hated the fact I had to go to bed and stop reading!! I mean how dare life get in the way of me finishing a book!!!
This book captivated me from the start. It sucked me in and spat me out the other side pretty much converted to loving shifter books now!!!
So much so I bought book two immediately after finishing!!!

I have been collecting Ava's books now, although I haven't had any time to read any of the others yet.

Go check out her amazon page and all her awesome books! 

A.K.Michaels Amazon Page

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

First ever post, an Intro and a Welcome

Hi and welcome to our brand new blog.
My name is Louise and my partner in crime is Karen and we have decided to come together with our love for books and make a blog.

I'm super new to all of this and to be honest have no idea what I am doing!!!
I guess practice makes perfect so practice I shall.

A few months ago I had no inkling of the "book world", or any of the events that take place on facebook.  Now I do I am totally addicted to new authors I never knew existed and events where I meet even more!