Wednesday, 29 April 2015

REVIEW - Highland Wolf Clan Book 1 -The reluctant Alpha By A.K.Michaels - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

This was the first ever shifter book I have ever read.
I'm not sure really what prompted me to read it other than I love wolves and have been trying new genres of books.
I had no idea what to expect or even if I would like it.

Cameron Sinclair is a respectable successful business man.  He is a multi-millionaire with a difference, he is a wolf.  
He hates the fact he is different and avoids transforming into his wolf for as long as he possibly can. 
He really doesn't get on with his father and when called back to his highland pack he reluctantly goes.
Cam and his friends have to travel to the USA to his uncles pack to help out with issues going on there.  What he wasn't banking on was catching sight of a captivating white wolf, who his inner wolf clearly adores.

I needn't have worried at all!!! I started this and hated the fact I had to go to bed and stop reading!! I mean how dare life get in the way of me finishing a book!!!
This book captivated me from the start. It sucked me in and spat me out the other side pretty much converted to loving shifter books now!!!
So much so I bought book two immediately after finishing!!!

I have been collecting Ava's books now, although I haven't had any time to read any of the others yet.

Go check out her amazon page and all her awesome books! 

A.K.Michaels Amazon Page

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