Thursday, 30 April 2015

REVIEW - Found (Assassin's Revenge Book 1) By Tara Crescent - REVIEWED BY KAREN

I was given this book free for an honest review.

This is not the first of Tara's books I have read so I knew that I would enjoy it.  Her books never seem to disappoint me. 

 Ellie aka Rachel is a trained killer, it because of her traumatic past she forced herself to become strong and undefeatable so no man could ever hurt her again   and so she could seek her revenge. She is strong and focused, that is until she walks into the bar and lays eyes on Alexander aka Marc.  His good looks make her almost forget what she was there for, almost.............

When you have secrets and problems distractions can be good, and sometimes they can be bad.

The plot and storyline in this book is well written and captivated me from the start.  You feel the emotions the characters feel.
The love scenes are sexy and hot which is precisely what you want from a good love/sex scene!

A great book I would totally recommend.

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