Wednesday, 29 April 2015

REVIEW - Saving Ayden By Muriel Garcia - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Choosing to read this was a huge step out of the normal for me. The only reason I bought it was because I won a copy of Teaching Aleck (book 2) therefore I needed to read book 1 first. I have never ever read any MC books and really didn't think it would be my thing at all.
Boy was I wrong??

Ayden and Anthony are best friends growing up amongst the Last Hangman MC.  Life with the club is all they have ever known, and life together is all they have ever wanted.
Until a fateful day when something happens to Ayden to change their lives forever, suddenly life as they know is is no more and what is in its place is a mere echo of what could have been.
For six years shes gone and he cannot have closure until he has answers, but will she give him them?
When she stops running and returns home, her past catches up with her and she needs her Last Hangman MC family to help her.

 I read this book in a day. It captivated me and pulled me in, the kids had to feed themselves and the husband got ignored!
Muriel did a fantastic job with her debut novel and I imagine they only get better.

So what have I learnt? Don't judge a book by its genre. Give it a chance and you may just like it!

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