Wednesday, 26 August 2015

REVIEW - And it all comes down to you by Kyra Lennon - REVIEWED BY LOUISE


Ok so I'm not gonna die lol but this is what this book made me think of screaming!!

This was actually the first book by Kyra I have ever read and now I am certain I shall read many more. In fact I insist on it!

Yes it's short, yes its lovey and fluffy and adorable.

There is a quote from this book that I totally fell in love with. It completely and totally describes me and my husband to a T.

"Isn't that what everyone wants in a relationship? Not only someone to trust, to confide in, to talk to when times get rough, but someone you can be an absolute twat with, with no concerns they're going to think you're a weirdo?"

^^ That right there is the total embodiment of love. Someone that gets you so completely you are both on the same page!

I loved this book. Only took me about 15 minutes to read it though! But I am a fast reader!

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