Wednesday, 19 August 2015

REVIEW - Claiming Crusher by Jordan Marie - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

I was sent an arc of this for my honest and impartial review.

Holy freaking shitballs!
Well I literally just finished the rollercoaster of a ride that is Claiming Crusher. Jordan Marie has gone and done it again. Every time she writes a book she just gets better and better. 

Claiming Crusher actually runs alongside the first three books, meaning that they intertwine. Jordan has managed this flawlessly and with consistency throughout the entire book. Writing a book that coexists within three other books you would expect at least one or two accidental flaws. But NOPE. None. That to me proves what I have known since book one.

Jordan Marie is the BOSS when it comes to writing!!!

Ok now about the book or a certain authors head will get too big!!

I didn't exactly hate Dani like most people but she was pretty non existent to me. I didn't really care about her at all.

Until I read this story. 

That poor poor woman, the things she had to endure at the hands of Michael!! I wanted to kill the bastard. What sort of man treats a woman like that?!

Crusher (Zander) is lovely, I especially like his name as my hubby is called Alexander. (I wonder if he would mind me calling him Zander?....)

The whole book is filled with drama and excitement and I loved it from the start to the finish. I cannot wait for more in the series and I don't want it to ever end. EVER!!! You hear me Jordan Marie???!!!

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