Tuesday, 3 November 2015

REVIEW - Marley by Lesley Jones - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

**I was gifted a copy for my honest review**

Grab a box of tissues before you read this book.  Trust me because you won't be able to put it down and when you get through it you will be crying.

Marley is the story of Carnage 1 & 2 but told from Georgia's big brother Marley Layton's point of view.  You have to have read carnage 1 & 2 before you read this.

Now having read those two you know the basic storyline, what you don't know is the untold parts.  The secrets and the lies.  This book discloses those.

Marley and Sean well they are pretty bad boys it comes to light.  But you know what? I still love them.  Everyone makes mistakes and the big thing is that they both own up to them in this book.  

I love that we get to see the story between Marley and his wife Ashley.  To see how they got together and how their relationship played out was lovely.  He really did need someone like her to set him straight.  My favourite scene was when he returns to find what she's done to his flat!!! classic!!

By the time I finished it I felt like I had been gutted, wrung out and strung up to dry. The emotional rollercoaster this book takes you on is surreal.  Something I feel personally only Lesley Jones can do.  And she does it superbly.

Another fantastic, gutwrenching, heartaching read.

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