Wednesday, 11 November 2015

REVIEW - Monster, Saved by Her by Michelle Horst - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

This book is a very dark read but not only is it that it is a tale of survival.  It tells the story of Jack and the horror's he has had to endure most of his pathetic dismal life.  The stuff he is objected to will literally turn your stomach inside out and make you want to reach in the book and hug him and protect him.

Jack accepts his life is what it is and he endures it only so he can protect his brother which is a deal he made with his sick twisted father in law.  He simply exists now, an empty shell of the man he could have become.

River along with her best friend Adam save slaves, they use River's inheritance from her father who used to have slaves and subjected River to some unforgettable things.  They turn dirty money into something more meaningful and substantial.

Jack and Sophia are rescued and now they can start to finally live their lives after living in slave captivity for most of them right?  Wrong, now they have to rebuild themselves and everything they know.  Can they learn to live again?  Can they learn how to love?

This story absolutely tore me apart in pieces, but I wanted to keep reading and keep reading!! 

This was actually the first of Michelle's books I have ever read and it certainly will not be the last.  She is clearly a talented writer to be able to write such a strong heavy dark book and still be able to turn it into a love story with a HEA.

I am going to impatiently await the release of book 2 of this fantastic series.

**I was gifted a copy in return for my honest review**

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