Monday, 27 June 2016

REVIEW - All That Glisters by C.J.Fallowfield - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

They say you should never judge a book by its cover.  In this case you can do just that, because what's inside the book is equally as classy and beautiful as what's on the cover.

Hunter Donovan is the ultimate book boyfriend, he is everything you would want in your fantasies and much much more.  Your typical alpha male he sees something he wants and he takes it, over and over and over.  He's a typical one night man, no promises and no repercussions.

Coco Barella is a talented lady, one that is focused on her own goals and is determined to make it on her own steam.  She is waiting for her Mr Right and will not settle for anything less.  She gets her dream job at Havershams and is ecstatic until she realises her new boss is the one man she doesn't want to desire but she does.  Hunter is absolutely not her type and everything she doesn't want in a man.  But that makes her want him all the more!!!

C.J.Fallowfield has managed to write an amazing Erotic Romance here, it pulled me in and had me captured until the very end.  There's suspense, humour, romance, sex, everything you like in a good book.   This book is actually a spin off from The Temptress but you can read it as a standalone because I haven't read that and it didn't make a difference to my enjoyment at all. 

If a well written story with fantastic characters and explosive chemistry is what you want to read then this is the book for you!

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