Monday, 27 June 2016

REVIEW - Tiger Shark by L.P.Lovell - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

L.P.Lovell writes stories that most people wouldn't even dream of writing.  She writes things that are completely taboo and out of this world crazy and bonkers.  I don't know of anyone else that would even dare write about the things she writes about!

You could be forgiven for thinking this is your typical CEO billionaire romance,  trust me when I say it's not! 

Georgia is a Tiger Shark in a man's world, and she has to fight for her space at the top of the food chain every day.  She's smart and strong and has her own rules that she follows to keep her business and personal lives separate:

1-Never sleep with your Boss
2-Never Hit on your Boss
3-Be above Reproach
4-Anybody could be somebody
5-Play nice

 She also has a very unique way of letting off steam which isn't something you would really expect in a book like this.  But this is a L.P.Lovell book and all bets go out the window!

However when she gets a new job her world is completely shaken up as she realises rules 1 and 2 are completely at stake.  

Landon Banks is Georgia's hot sexy new boss.  He's a typical Alpha male and absolutely not Georgia's type especially as he's her boss.  So why do they feel so attracted to one another?

The chemistry between these two characters is so hot and steamy my kindle almost burst into flames!  

So if you want a book that's completely not your average CEO billionaire romance with so much steam you can almost feel it then this is for you!

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