Monday, 14 March 2016

Never judge a book by it's genre - Random musings from Louise's brain

Never judge a book by it's genre - Random musings from Louise's brain

I wonder how many of you are guilty of doing this?  I know I am on many an occasion.

Just the other week I commented on a confession (I.A.B.B. confessions) that I rarely rated a book under 5 stars and had never rated one under 4 stars.  Until recently.  And I said the reason is because I sign up for the books I know I like in the genres I like.

So I wondered recently how many great books am I missing out on because it's "not my usual genre"...... The answer is probably absolutely loads!

So why is that?  Because I have gotten into a pattern of genres of books I read, they are my "go to" types of books.

Last week I wondered about signing up for reading a new book, the blurb sounded awesome.  The catch?  It was a M/M book and I don't read those.  Why?  Well it's not because I can say I don't like them as I've never read one before.  I guess it just never appealed to me, I never thought I would like it.  But I thought, what the heck.  And I took a chance on the fact I rather liked the blurb.

Today I read this book in one day, a matter of hours.  It was very different to what I have ever read before for obvious reasons.  But I have to say I really rather enjoyed it.  For me there's no question it was a 5* read.  Now that's not to say I will enjoy every M/M book I read.  But I certainly will sign up for book two because I need to know more about their story.  The chemistry between them did it for me, they clearly were soulmates regardless for the facts they are both male and were actually straight, or they thought they were until they met.

So while I don't think I will be adding M/M to my top fave genres to read I certainly won't be totally avoiding the genre anymore.

So my question to you is.....

Do you judge a book by its genre?
Do you assume you won't like a book because you haven't read anything like it before?  Or because you really don't think you would like it?

Try it.  Give it a go.  Expand your horizons, read something out of your box.  After all, variety is the spice of life.  And you may just find a hidden gem that you otherwise would have missed out on reading.

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