Wednesday, 10 February 2016

REVIEW - Flawed by Cherry Shephard - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Well it's not often I really have to think hard about a review before I write it.  Usually I just write whatever comes to my head about the book.  This one completely and utterly floored me and I needed to ensure that my review would be able to do this book justice.

This book has so many sensitive issues in it - 
Suicidal tendencies
Unwanted pregnancy
9/11 terrorist attack
Loss and grief
Self Harming

I have to say each and every one of these was written with compassion and carefully so as to do them all justice.  I can imagine that the author is absolutely terrified about how people will recieve this book because of these issues.

9/11, I can remember what I was doing that day.  I was watching on the television as the second plane hit.  I'm british and it still affected me.  I think Cherry was very brave to take something that was so real and incorporate it into her story.

I fell in love with Keets, the sensitive geek who is struggling with the loss of his Fiance and unborn child.  He was unable to get to them to save them and he will never forgive himself for that.  So much that he plans on ending his life on the same day in the same place where Liz lost hers.  

So many of the scenes with Keets in reduced me to tears.  Two specfically the one where Liz dies and the one where he goes to commit suicide.  One of these I read at work on my break and was bawling like a baby in the staff room!!  It's a good job noone else saw me!

Natalie has been dumped by her boyfriend and her call from her sister Shannon could not havecome at a better time.   She even ended up having a stupid one night stand with a stranger.  A reguar self harmer she needs something to keep her grounded.  She meets Keets and her life changes for the better.  Eventually......

Can two flawed people save eachother from destroying themselves?

A perfectly Flawed love story that has more twists and turns in it than a rollercoaster.  And OMG the ending!!!  I badly need book 3 like now!!!  I need to know what happens!

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