Thursday, 25 February 2016

REVIEW - The Letters by Lesley Jones - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

If you are a fan of the series like me then grab this book and settle down with a cup of tea and a box of tissues.  No it won't make you cry as much as the other books will do but there still maybe a tear or two shed.

I love the fact we see all our favourite characters and see a glimpse into Georgia's life with Cameron.  Seeing their kids all grown up is brilliant and the fact Cameron has his own POV in this too is brilliant.

Gaining a glimpse of the love Sean and Georgia had, it was perfect.  But then so is her love with Cameron.  I could never pick between those two characters and I understand why Georgia had such trouble choosing!!

Wonderful heartfelt dip back into some well loved characters and I am so excited where the surprise ending leaves us!!

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