Sunday, 21 February 2016

REVIEW - Until We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield - REVIEW BY LOUISE

So many of the books I read are dark, violent reads. I haven't really read many books like this one before.

This book was a breath of fresh air. If you ever need to read something to cheer you up and make you laugh then this book is it!! 

Paige is a total calamity, danger to herself. Everything she does goes wrong. Every date she ever has goes wrong. In fact not much of her life goes right! 

You totally feel sorry for her, how can one person be so unlucky in love? 

Paige and Alec are destined to be together but they have to both go through the emotional (and physical in Paige's case) wringer.

Every single second of this book I was laughing hysterically. I suggest you don't read this in public because you will have a tonne of people looking at you like you are some sort of weirdo giggling like a hyena in public! As it was I was sat in a corner of my settee with my 9 year old daughter scowling and tutting and shushing me because I was making too mich noise and she couldn't hear her tv programme!!

From the start to the finish I couldn't put this book down, well other than to sleep! But all I could think of is getting up and finishing the book! I have never had that before.

I loved every second of it and I do hope the author is going to write some more rom-com because I really will be lining up to read that.

Very well deserved 5*s and if I could give it more I would!

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