Thursday, 18 February 2016

REVIEW - Marked by Rebecca Sherwin - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

WOW,  Let me begin by saying that this book is NOT for the faint hearted.  It deals with many hard issues including child abuse.  

It is an extremely hard read, one that will gut you inside out and upside down.  One that will wring all of your emotions out of you until you are an empty emotionless shell.

Benny makes an appearance in the other Twisted books.  In those books he comes across as a nasty piece of work.  But in this book, his story, you come to realise why he is the way he is.  The things he goes through are enough to make your toes curl and hair stand on end!! 

At times I had to stop and I admit I almost threw up a few times too!!

Faith also had to deal with so very much.  As someone that has suffered physical violence at the hands of an ex husband I really felt myself drawn to her character.

Marked tells the story of two very tortured souls that have the power to heal eachother if they allow themselves to. A very hearfelt yet dark read. 

Another 5* from this author and it's plain to see why.  An author that can make you feel so many different emotions in one go is worth her weight in gold.

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