Wednesday, 10 February 2016

REVIEW - Imperfect by Cherry Shephard - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

This is the first book by this author I have read.  I've had it on my kindle since it's release but I never got around to reading it until I read about book 2 and I realised I needed to read this one first before I could read that one!!

When I finished and put my kindle down only one thing ran through my head........

Imperfect follows Stone (Ethan) on his return after serving.  He's dealing with not only injuries he sustained but PTSD.  His character is written with compassion in a way that stays true to the condition and how it effects sufferers.  Much research must have been done to write this part.  
  He has a fair few obstacles to overcome, especially when a blast from the past finds him and drops a massive bombshell on him.  But throughout all of this Shannon becomes his guiding light through the storm that is his life.

Shannon inherits Saddles from her deceased father and this becomes her ticket out of an abusive controlling relationship.  Running the bar gives her a new lease of life.  But something is missing, a spark, something to live for.....  Until Stone barges into her life with all his emotional baggage.

Can she save him from his worst enemy, himself??  Can two Imperfect people find salvation in eachother?

A love story with a difference, this book is written with finesse and expertise.  It flowed perfectly and I found myself unable to put it down and finishing it in record time.  I just needed to know what would happen everytime I turned a page!  

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