Thursday, 28 April 2016

1 Year Blogiversary Ramble Post

It's not often I write a rambling post on here, I usually just post releases and reviews.  But I feel something as important as our first anniversary needs to be documented in a blog post.

Exactly one year ago I clicked post on the first ever post on here.

Since then we have now got over 2200 likes on our Facebook page and have Twitter and Google plus too.

Sure we aren't as massive as some other blogs that I know of, and I'm okay with that.  This was never about how many likes or followers we could get.

It was about being able to read and rave about the books that I love.

It was about being able to support Indie authors.

And that is what it should be about.

The amount of friends I have made in this year is incredible.  I have been to two signings and had amazing times at both of them.

I have blogger friends, author friends, reader friends and swag making friends.  People I can talk book stuff with and who seem to understand me more than anyone else I know.   People I feel like I have known for years!

I suddenly realise my place in life.  This is my place.  These are my people.  Book world is my life.

A year or so ago I would never have even thought of writing a book or making swag and now I do both alongside this blog too!!

And when I'm not doing any of that I'm reading, and I wouldn't have my life any other way.

I love my life now, I never realised anything was missing.  Now I know it's complete.

I am a Blogger, author, swag maker for life...

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