Wednesday, 13 April 2016

REVIEW - Savage Stakler by Kathleen Kelly - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

This book is a combination of an MC book and a rocker book. It's not a combination that I have seen before and it certainly made for an interesting read.

This book is written in multiple pov's and for a while it is very difficult to get used to this. I have read a book with a few but this book, every chapter is by a different character. Very unusual for an MC book.

I liked the storyline and characters, they were easy to relate to and get into. I fell completely in love with Dane and Kat was a woman that I enjoy reading about. Strong and feisty!

Yes I will admit there is a few minor errors, I generally overlook these as I am used to reading uncorrected arcs. However I don't expect to see these in published books.

I really enjoyed this book though, it kept me interested and wanting more and I did dive immediately into the next one.

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