Wednesday, 13 April 2016

REVIEW - Savage Town by Kathleen Kelly - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

OMG the chills. This was my easily favourite book out of all of them. Maybe I am just a complete sucker for drama and heart rendering stuff. This book opens on the most horrific shocking prologue ever that I really honestly did not want to carry on reading any more. But I picked myself up off the floor, dried off my tears and carried on.

This book centres on Kat and Dane's wedding. I know right, an mc/rocker wedding not the sort of wedding you expect thats for sure. There's a side story to it as well but it mostly is focused on the wedding.

I swear with each book I read I get closer to the characters and more and more in love with Dane every time.

I simply cannot think of anything to say other than the fact I absolutely loved this book.

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