Wednesday, 6 April 2016

REVIEW - Five Coffees by Cathy Jackson - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

3 1/2 stars from me.

This book is based on Tavora and Luke.

Luke is a famous actor that is filming in Tavora's home town, he's struggling to get a feel for his character. So he is told to take some time off and gain some perspective on the town in the hope he can get it right.

Tavora practically lives in the library, all she does is eat, sleep and read. Since loosing her husband she barely exists in the world of the living. Doing bare minumum to get by and refusing to engage with anyone because lets face it, if you don't get close to people then when you loose them it can't hurt.

From the moment they meet in the elevator they are drawn together, even though Luke is happily married. No cheating takes place in case you were wondering.

Well this book was for me slightly difficult to read. It's very unlike anything I have read before. It's extremely faith based and since I am not religious at all these parts were very hard for me to digest.

Overall it's an okay read. The "cliffhanger" ending I didn't think could really be called that. It's a little less exciting than cliffhangers that I have read before. It certainly didn't make me think "oh I can't wait for the next one".

Reviews like this are always hard to write, we can't all love every book we read sadly. But honest reviews are what are important.

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