Wednesday, 13 April 2016

REVIEW - Savage Fire by Kathleen Kelly - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Take an unusual combination of a Rocker and MC book and sprinkle on a touch of mafia and you have this book.
We have the addition of a ruthless crime family and this certainly makes it an interesting read.

What is unusual within these books is that each one doesn't follow the norm. Normally a book centres around two people and thats it. But these books they not only have a main story centred on two people they still dance around what happens with all the other characters too. Now this does mean that the multiple povs continue and for me this would normally be a problem but the way this is done it doesn't bother me to be honest.

I enjoyed the twists and turns in this story and yet again yes it made me come back for more and more. I like it when a book grabs me and pulls me in and this book does that.

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