Tuesday, 26 May 2015

REVIEW - Bad Company By Lissa Jay - REVIEWED BY KAREN

This is an MC book with a difference, Dr Kelly Darrow loves her career as a psychologist in Scotland and won't commit to any relationship as she has strong issues of trust. She is brought in on a case which is very strange, a man is found unconscious near the bottom of Ben Nevis with a suicide note near by, she finds herself so drawn to him even to the point of fantasising about how they would be together. 

The man is called Cameron or so the note says, when he wakes he has amnesia it's Kelly's job to help him remember, this is where things really step up as he starts to have flash backs which tell them he is American and has done some dark things.  Their emotions and feelings start to heat up, their relationship takes you on a roller coaster ride and it is a forbidden romance with very hot steamy scenes. 

A lovely personal story that will take you where you least expect it.

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