Tuesday, 26 May 2015

REVIEW - Hold On To Me By Lucia Franco - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

I was sent an arc of this to read and review.

Alyssa Winters has been forced to up sticks and move again thanks to her unsettled mother.  She is so used to it she doesn't even bother trying to make friends anymore.  Why bother?  She will just be moving again and again and again....
That is until she sets eyes on John, a sweet talking dirty Georgia boy who likes nothing more than drinking and "mudding".

They quickly become friends, but John wants more, Needs more.  Alyssa runs at every turn, pushing him away constantly.

Until a fateful night that changes everything..............

John seems like such a sweet loving guy, the sort of guy you would be lucky to have fall in love with you.  Although he goes off the rails a bit after the tragedy, he still becomes a stable strong rock that any woman would be proud to have.  I fell head over heels for him, time and time again....

Alyssa, I wanted to slap her sometimes.  I wanted to pull her out of the book and slap her and tell her to stop being stupid.  That this was a man that loved her very much and she should stop shoving him away before she lost him.

Lovely story, a little repetitive at times with Alyssa shoving John away which did irritate me at times.  I understand she had issues but I wonder if it was real life and not a book how much the guy would have taken before he ran off.

That said, I enjoyed the book and will be looking for more of Lucia's books to read. 

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