Wednesday, 20 May 2015

REVIEW - Saving Dancer By Jordan Marie - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Saving Dancer is Book #2 in the Savage Brothers MC series.  I dived straight into this after finishing Book #1.  

These books are a little unusual for a series in that they focus on different people and their stories rather than just focusing on the one set of characters throughout the whole series.

Carrie has been in love with Dancer aka Jacob ever since she was 5 years old.  
One night something happened, something that would change Carrie and Jacobs life forever............................

Jacob Blake aka Dancer has just been released from prison.  He killed a man, protecting his little sister's friend Carrie.  Can he overcome his demons and nightmares of things that he experienced in prison?  
Maybe with Carrie's help he can but first he must realise that what happened was not her fault and to blame her is wrong...........

This book tore me up inside literally.  I found myself crying a lot reading it.  Its a really difficult intense book to digest but worth it in the end.  Sometimes I wanted to slap Dancer and other times I wanted to wrap him up in a massive hug!

Considering this is Jordan Marie's 2nd book it is a very well written intense read.  I look forward to reading others in the Savage Brothers MC Series.  

Jordan Marie has fast become one of my "one click" authors!!

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