Tuesday, 26 May 2015

REVIEW - Run To You By Kandice Michelle Young - REVIEWED BY KAREN

I received this free for my honest review.

This is a very intense book, the two main characters have had trauma in their past and are still living with it in their personal lives. 
Dani has done well and gets an internship in a very successful events organiser and has a gay best friend who is a fashion photographer and model and knows everything of her past so they both support each other. 

Dani is thrown into a meeting and is drawn to Sebastian Black and this is where it all gets exciting, the chemistry is so strong and neither really wants to get in too a relationship but it quickly escalates.

Can they get past their demons?

This story with its twists and turns and all the raw energy you feel grips you, as you fall in love with them and want to scream at them to go a different path you are so drawn into the pages you really don't realise it until you get to the end that it is a cliff hanger and OMG you will so need the next one like I did.

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