Wednesday, 20 May 2015

REVIEW - Breaking Dragon by Jordan Marie - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Breaking Dragon was only my second ever MC novel.  Being from the UK the world of MC novels and the reality too is nothing like what I would ever experience.  Breaking Dragon is book #1 in the Savage Brothers MC series.  I do love series books, they enable me to get more into the characters and immerse myself into the worlds.

Nicole is a feisty independent girl who has everything she could want.  She makes a massive move with her best friend and what happens that day changes her life forever.  Nicole is the perfect character, she's not a skinny size 6 model and she's not someone to be messed with or walked all over either!

Dragon is the leader of the Savage Brothers MC and to him women are good for only one thing and relationships don't come into it.  That is untill Nicole comes crashing into his world........
This feisty, sexy sassy woman is the total opposite of Dragon and from a totally different world.  Two worlds crashing together in a spectacular way.

The combination of the sweet rich girl and the dangerous bad boy is addictive and exciting.  The danger, the drama, the sex, the excitement all comes together in one package.  This book!!!!

I absolutely loved every second of this book, I was only about 10 minutes in when I was rolling around laughing at one part of it!!!

And yet another part of the book had me in tears!

A cracking debut from a fantastic Author and a brilliant person.  One I am very proud to now call my friend!!

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