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BLOG TOUR - The Scent Of Musk Trilogy by KC Royale

Title: The Scent of Musk Trilogy (books 1-3)
Author: KC Royale 
Genre: Erotica 

The MUSK series- Complete Set 

Book info: Two guys. One woman. One big decision. She is attracted to both, but in two totally different ways. With one guy there is this magnetic pull to him, an intense physical attraction she can't control. But with the other guy, there is this warmth with him that she hasn't felt since... forever. The emotional connection with this other guy, renders her speechless. Susan’s life has always been complicated, ever since she lost the last member of her family, a few years ago. She’s had a hard time dealing with her loss, and how alone she secretly felt in this huge world. Taking life one day at a time, in work and in finding love, was her new motto. Until love came knocking on her door, in more way than one. This book contains the complete set in the MUSK series. The Scent of Musk. The Scent of Passion. The Scent of Her. This book is a new and sensual trilogy that will knock your sock off. 

KC Royale started writing at the tender age of nine years old. Being the only girl in a house with four brothers, she used writing as a way to occupy her time. Her curiosity grew into her creating poems and short stories in various genres, which then grew into a love of writing all types of stories. Having grown up in the Washington Metropolitan Area, she got a lot of her inspiration from life, love and nature. She currently lives in Maryland with her family and her ever present laptop. When she is not writing she enjoys watching movies, theatre, cooking, traveling, and listening to soft rock music. She is also an avid reader who enjoys a good romance, erotica or thriller novel to pass the time.

They say that in life you have to lose sometimes in order to gain. Both Susan and Charles had sacrificed family for this irrepressible connection that they shared, in one way or another. Susan knew now that Charles has always cared for her on some level, whether from guilt or in the way he expressed his need to have her in his life. But Charles was such a wild card of a man, who had to have what and who he wanted when he wanted it. But he was still a man with a conscious, a man who was grieving the loss of his mother on that fatal day. A day which in-turned caused him to make a terrible mistake that had permanently altered the life of a young girl named Susan. Then there was the man named Simon. A man who was so close to falling off the deep in his new-found emotional vulnerability, that he was becoming a danger to everyone, including himself. But would he scare off the one that he so desperately wants, or will he find a way to get closer to her. 
Susan already had a lot on her plate from these two men alone, but she was also dealing with the pain she felt from her longtime friend, Bash. 
Her relationships with Charles, Bash and even Simon was all she could think about and she needed to get a grasp on the situation before she drove herself crazy. Even though Susan wasn’t a hundred percent sure what she wanted anymore, her decision to start therapy, began to help her with that dilemma. In spending time away from them, she started to realize what it was that she actually wanted in life… and who she wanted it with.

Jessica Moore is a woman who is still finding her way through life. Taking it all in, one class at a time, while she attended college. Being miles from home was never an issue for her, as she had easily adapted to living a college student’s lifestyle, until one night when she discovered that she was being followed.

Jessica Moore meant everything to a man that she had no clue had feelings for her. To say that he was infatuated with her, would be putting it mildly. It’d been three years of torture for him, watching her behind the scenes, and living her life as if he didn’t really exist. His attraction for her was way too strong to ignore, and he knew that there was only a matter of time before he snapped if he didn’t have her. Nothing would stop him from getting who he wanted, even if she was a student, and he was her Professor.

Your first crush isn’t normally the man who ends up dating your best friend, nor is he the man you end up wanting to marry. But my inexperience on how to handle such a strong reaction to one guy nearly cost me everything back then. They say you can't control when you first fall in love or who you fall in love with. So when I found myself in love for the first time at seventeen, it was a bit shocking. Not for the reasons you think, but then again, maybe it was.

His name was Johnathan Pierce, the one who drove me insane with lust, and frustrated me to no end. How could I not fall for him? How could any girl refuse his green eyes, experienced touch and intoxicating words? I knew that he was no longer the seventeen year old boy who had taken me for the ride of my life, he was a man now. It’s been six years since my heart was taken by Johnathan, a man who was now a CEO of a billion dollar empire. A man who has taken all that I had to give, and hurt me in the worst way imaginable, causing me to give up everything and run away. The indescribable pain I felt has consumed me for six long years, but now the time has come for me to return home. Home, where it all started for a girl name Kathleen Toth-Chamberlin. Every story has a beginning… and an end.

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