Thursday, 22 October 2015

REVIEW - Forsaken Control by Sapphire Knight - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

* I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review**

I absofuckinglutely love these books.  Everyone of Sapphire's books I read just get better and better.  With each book she pushes the boundaries and explodes my mind.

This is technically book 5 in the series.  But you can read it on its own if you so wish.  Personally I'm very OCD about reading books in order and to get the full impact of the books you need to read them in order.

This book centres on Ares, the club's enforcer.  And his growing affection for not only another member's ol' lady but the other member himself.  Their relationships develop from a one and a two into a three.  

I have to say, I am not big on male on male action.  It does nothing for me, and I tend to avoid reading MM books.  This does have MM action in it but even for someone that cannot read that it wasn't anything I couldn't manage to read.  I did enjoy the menage action between the three of them.

There is one part I absolutely love, it shows that even though they are ol' ladies that they really are not something to be messed with in themselves.  It's nice to see them portrayed as strong individual women, ones that don't need their men to fight their battles.

One bit in it annoyed me, it doesn't tell you what happens.  That's because it ties into another member's story which I am now chomping at the bit to read!

I love love love the ending, I will NOT give it away but yes its perfect.

Just another flaming fantastic, amazing, awesome, knock your socks off book that I cannot really think of any more words to describe how awesome it really is.

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