Thursday, 22 October 2015

REVIEW - Allegiance by Rebecca Sherwin - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

** I was gifted a copy of this for my honest review**

Well as a massive fan of this series I was eager to read the highly awaited conclusion of the series.  I was also really upset to read it knowing that the series was coming to an end!!

Allegiance is the story of Jesse, it starts off from that fateful night he lost all his family which is mentioned in one of the other books.
We start to understand why he wasn't around much for Curtis and Skye in the previous books.

I love that he seems every bit "The Gentleman" and much softer than he comes across in the other books.

I have to say this is probably not my favourite of the four books, But it definitely still kept me on my seat throughout the entire book.
Poor Jesse has to sort so many things out so he can come back from the dead and resume his life.  Can he ever go back to his life though?  Can he ever be "Dr Kennedy" again?

One part in this book is explosively good, it made me literally gasp and hold in the tears.  If there was ever a moment you wished you could yell at an author, that was it!!

A fantastic explosive end to a brilliant series.  I'm gonna miss these characters.  Is it really goodbye? I do hope not.

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