Monday, 12 October 2015

REVIEW - Closer to the Heart by Audrina Lane - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

The Blurb

As their families successfully become one large one Stephanie is faced with the decision of a lifetime. Her parents are struggling in New Zealand with the pressure of old age and dementia and despite the fact that her life is going perfectly Stephanie feels she needs to be with them. Should Stephanie take the chance of transferring her life half way around the world and break the newly formed bond between her and James. 

Charlotte is trying to continue with her life and dancing despite the distraction of another man who offers his help but does it come with strings attached. Will she be able to cope without the help and support of her Mum? 

All of them are still battling against the malevolent force of Felicity, James' ex-wife and a woman who will stop at nothing to destroy other's happiness. Who will win this battle, will Stephanie and James find their Together Forever? Find out in this compelling, fast paced and moving finale to the series. 


I waited impatiently for this book.  I wanted so desperately to know what happened next.  I loved the other two books so much, I needed this like a drug.

This book has so much stuff crammed into it.  But I don't want to go into too much detail as I detest spoilers in reviews.  I would rather you read it and find out yourself.

Stephanie is dealing with the news her dad is sick, planning a wedding, and comforting James and Charlotte after some revelations.

Felicity is the usual nasty bitch she is every time.  What sort of mother can do the things she does to her child?  Nasty nasty woman.  Hate her.  But at the same time want to read the book I know is coming of her story!

Some twists and turns will have you gasping and I dare you to read the end of this book and not finish it with tears streaming down your face!  

Major book hangover afterwards.  It's hard to say goodbye to well loved characters but at least I can pick up the books again when I want to!

**I was gifted an arc for my honest review**

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