Thursday, 4 June 2015

REVIEW- Filthy Desire by Sebastian Ex- REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Matthew is a 38 year old bloke who has no heart and doesn't pretend to either. He's rude, pushy, dominant and everyone loves him. He joint owns a club with his friend Brandon and regularly has his choice of hot women to take home and dominate. That is assuming they don't call him Matt, he hates that......... He likes control and certainty and never loves anyone.

That is until Ella walks into his life.........

Ella is a 22 year old woman who isn't particularly beautiful but rather normal looking. She is a tortured soul and the things she has been through really will shock you to the core. No wonder she's shy and scared of most men! She has many secrets and Matthew makes it his job to take her under his wing and nurture her to make those come to the surface.

This is a debut book from a male author and the first book like this I have read by a male author too. It was well written with some shocking twists and turns.

I enjoyed the story and although this is a standalone book there is another book coming out that is linked to the same club. I look forward to reading that.

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