Tuesday, 9 June 2015

REVIEW - Forever by Jody Pardo and Jennifer Tocheny - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

I am a total sucker for a love story and when there's drama involved it intrigues me even more.  

Sure the title is a little unusual, but I think its really a sweet notion about lobsters.

Ryan's struggle with his tragic life changing accident is harrowing to read, it makes you really feel for him.  How awful must that be to handle?  To have your entire life change like that?  To feel like you have no future?  Jody and Jennifer totally captured the feelings and helped to answer those exact questions.

Lydia's devastating circumstances hit home a little more with me because I have kids and a husband that I love dearly and it actually upset me reading the book and wondering how it would feel to go through that traumatic experience.  Again Jody and Jennifer embraced how this would effect someone and it really affected me making me cry in places.

Overall I found this a lovely story to read.  It's well written and an emotional rollercoaster at times, which I actually enjoy.  And a hea which is always appreciated and loved.

A lovely heartwarming book that I would recommend most definitely.

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