Thursday, 25 June 2015

REVIEW - Spin Me Round Series By Elle Carmichael - REVIEWED BY LOUISE


I was sent arcs of these to read and review.

I decided to review these as a set rather than individually.  This is mostly because they are a set.  You couldn't read one without reading the others.

The books center around Garnet, a famous female DJ.  One of La's best actually, and shes had to fight hard to get there.  Garnet is a lesbian and her girlfriend is Lena, she sadly has to leave Lena behind in LA while she tours the country.

Wesley destroyed his football career and now has to work in the music industry.  We find out why later.  He is completely blown away by Garnet and decides that he must have her, he needs her.  always has actually...........

The torment that Garnet goes through in the three books, does she love Lena?  Does she love Wesley? Is she gay?  Is she not?  Just what does she want, or rather who?

Each of these books is very short.  It took me about an hour to devour all three of them in one go.  I really don't get short stories, why not make them one book?   It confuses me.  But this doesn't distract from the fact this is a really good series.  I have never read any books with F/F action in them and had I known this was in these books I probably wouldn't have agreed to read them.  But I'm glad I didn't and that I did read them.  In future I'll look at books with a more open mind.

All in all a nice little short series, one that I imagine I may well dive back into if I ever need a fast read.

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