Monday, 1 June 2015

REVIEW - Loving Nicole By Jordan Marie - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

*I was given a copy of an arc to read and review*

Loving Nicole is the 3rd book in the Savage MC series. It was supposed to be a Novella but I am so very glad it turned out to be a full length book! I'm sorry but a novella would not have been a large enough helping of Dragon and Nicole.

Nicole and Dragon are having a baby, their wedding plans are in full swing and the wedding is soon. Everything is running smoothly........
That is Until a blast from Dani's past threatens to wreck all their plans and future.
Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life right? Wrong, well for Nicole anyway...... Despite all her meticulous planning she certainly couldn't have planned for this!

Dragon loves his woman and baby, and he has to make decisions regarding them and his MC that not everyone will agree with or even like. And these decisions have rather dramatic consequences.

I really won't say anymore about it. Honestly you have to read it, it is the best book I have read in a long time and if I thought Breaking Dragon or Saving Dancer was my favourite books I was wrong. This is it, this is my number 1 book of the year now and I cannot forsee that changing. Well maybe when Claiming Crusher comes out..............

This book is amazing, I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you have read and enjoyed the other two. Having said that, Loving Nicole isn't exactly the same as the others. IT'S BETTER!!!!

It is drama and suspense from the first chapter, it will have you crying, screaming and aaaaawwwing throughout the entire book. There's not many books that can make you go through all those emotions.

Another 5* book from a 5* author, rocking woman and very good friend.

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