Wednesday, 24 June 2015

REVIEW - Full Tilt Billionaire Series By Jessa Jacobs

I was sent copies of these books to read and review.

I decided to review these books as a set rather than review each one individually.  

These books are Novellas, this means they are shorter than the average Novel.  39 pages roughly actually.  In fact it took me a few hours to read all 5 of them one after the other.  All but the last one end in cliffhangers which is why you really need all 5 to read in one go.  

 Tara has a unique gift, one that allows her to often and expertly win big in casinos again and again and again.  She has a student debt to pay off and this to her is an easy way to win some money for this purpose.  One say she meets Marc Andretti, billionaire with a few secrets up his sleeves.  Her life changes, is it for the better??

Marc Andretti is a billionaire that lives for the game, but is banned from competing.  He tries to kill his urges by being security on tables but truth be known he would rather be playing himself.  One day he meets an incredibly talented girl called Tara and BOOM he sees his way back into the circuit and a way to earn peoples trust again.  But he has his own secrets, secrets that eventually could put Tara in danger.

I read all of these books on a long car journey, going from one book to another quickly.  I really liked them but I was a little confused why make 5 little novellas instead of one book??  But I guess with the cliffhangers it worked.  Would I have bought them all individually?  I can't say for sure, but I am really glad that I got them when the series was complete or the cliffhangers would have driven me crazy!!!

All in all not a bad series to read, just a bit heavy on the pocket if you were buying all of them.

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