Tuesday, 23 June 2015

REVIEW - Unworthy by Elaine May - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

I was sent an arc for a honest review.

When I was contacted by the author I had no idea what the book would be like.  Would it be any good?  Would I like it?? Would I heck!!!
I loved it.
Grace has had such a hard upbringing, treated abysmally by her mother and left to the point she is pretty much an empty shell.  She has no confidence and thinks very low about herself.
I felt so sorry for her, it made me feel like crying at times.  The poor girl, she had to endure so much bullying and nastiness and from her own mother too!!!

And then one say she met Samuel, sexy, charismatic, caring Samuel.  He wanted her and he needed to make her realise she needed him.

There is a few twists and shocks to come too, but it all comes together in a lovely heart-warming story culminating in a happy ending.

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