Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A sappy post and announcement (GIVEAWAY INCLUDED)

Well this rather unusual, I've never written an actual post that's not about books!  HA HA HA HA.
There is a reason for this I assure you.  We reached 1000 likes rather fast, within a few months actually.  We are actually now at 1250!!!!

Blogging for me is actually my way of giving back to the authors that give me books.  Books are my way of escaping real life and reality for just a few hours at a time.  When I read a book I disappear, I go to the place the book is in my head and it all plays out like a film in my mind.

I have always been a big reader, you ask my mum.  She will tell you that by the time I started school at 5 I could read nicely thanks to her teaching me.  And by the age of 8 I had the reading ability of a 15 year old.  So when I said I was starting a blog she wasn't exactly shocked.

So I love reading, and this has led me to blogging.  And blogging has led me to so many wonderful people.  Whether they be other bloggers that have helped me or authors that have supported me and I have supported them in return.  The book world truely is amazing and I plan on never leaving it.

So yeah this is turning into a little soppy blog post!! 

On Monday 3rd August I am holding my first ever blog party on facebook and I would love for you to come and party with us.  I have an amazing lineup of fantastic authors that have all agreed to participate to support me!! How amazing is that??  The response made me cry I tell you.
Link is below.

On top of that I also had a lot of amazing authors also donate items towards a massive giveaway!!  Yes before you ask I did cry over that too. (I'm an emotional sap)

So a special message to all the wonderful Authors that have helped and supported me (you all know who you are).  I love you all and I will continue to support and love you all for as long as our blog shall live. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Heres the rafflecopter :)

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