Monday, 6 July 2015

REVIEW - The Legend of Arturo King by L.B.Dunbar - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

**Arc gifted for honest review**

So I worked out that these books were remakes based around the legendary stories of King Arthur.

I haven't read those but I have to say I reckon that in my opinion these books are better!!!

The Legend of Arturo King is book 1.  It introduces us to rock band The Nights and their band members.  This book focuses mostly on Arturo King the band's frontman and lead singer.

Arturo has it all doesn't he?  Lead singer of a band, best mates, lots of money, women falling at his feet.  What could possibly be missing from his life??

Guinivere DeGrance, thats what.

Guinie has always been kept away from the multiple rock bands her Dad Leo has been involved with.  A massive key rule in her life.  "Never get involved with the rockstars".  How can you keep away from something that is right in front of your face?
She tries to concentrate on her classical music but fails miserably.  All she wants is Arturo.  And all he wants is her.  Should be simple right? 
WRONG!!! Nothing is ever simple and easy.  No matter how hard you want it.

This book is amazing!! It sucked me into a tornado of emotions and spat me out at the end shocked, confused and heartbroken at the way it ends!!
I absolutely loved it and dove straight into book 2!!

5 million Stars!!!! ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
L.B.Dunbar you legend!!

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