Tuesday, 28 July 2015

REVIEW - The Truth of Tristan Lyons by L.B.Dunbar - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Another rocking book from L.B.Dunbar!!

Every one of these books has sucked me in from the word go and Tristan's book is certainly no exception.

Tristan like his bandmates is struggling with the disappearance of Arturo and jets off to the Cayman Islands to drink himself into oblivion.  But he thought he would be alone in the luxurious house.  He was wrong.  Someone else needed to escape and chose the exact same place as him.

Ireland is escaping from her secretive life and she can't help the natural attraction to Tristan, even if he is a total jerk when hes drunk!!

The story of their developing relationship is intruguing as is Ireland's secrets shes holding dear.  The twists will shock you and leave you screaming at your kindle as I did.

And OMG holy hell we actually find out what happened to Arturo!! OMG!!! I will not say in this review but it shocked me to the core and left me stunned.

I know theres only one book left, and this kinda upsets me.  I mean its all going to end! :( sad faces all round. One of my favourite series of 2015.

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