Tuesday, 14 July 2015


When I signed up to read the third book in the series I asked to read these both also. Even though they are able to be standalones, something in me just would not let me read them unless in order!

The only thing that goes through my mind is "why did I wait so long to read these?"

Olivia met Ethan as a 17 year old girl. Olivia doesn't do dating, she doesn't do relationships. She made herself a promise a long time ago to never fall in love. Because things like this are easy to stick to right?? Wrong............

8 years on and Ethan is thrown back into her life again, of course he has moved on after being pushed away too many times by her. Can things change? Can Olivia change? Is their love fate and are they destined to be together?

W.O.W. That is all I can say about this book. I absolutely adored it, I really did and I crashed straight into book 2 immediately!!
The characters are intriguing, the books nicely written. Nothing I could say bad about it at all.

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