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RELEASE BLITZ - S.I.R. part two by Samantha Knight

  • ☆● It’s LIVE!!! ●☆•´¯`•.•• S.I.R Part Two••.•´¯`●☆● By Samantha Knight ●☆●
Title: S.I.R Part 2 (Book 2 Love is for Liars)
Author: Samantha Knight
Release Date: July 3rd
Six Months has passed since the night that both awakened and destroyed Starr. Six months since she has heard his voice or felt his touch. But it hasn’t even been Six seconds since she last thought about him, that night..that touch, truth be told she can’t seem to think of anything BUT him. So in an attempt to get Starr’s mind off of the mysterious man, her friends have planned a weekend getaway to attend one of the most widely attended author events. They have no idea what is in store for them when they come face to face with one of their favorite authors.
Silas has finally decided to reveal his identity at his first ever book signing. It is one of the largest author events of the year and a perfect opportunity to unveil what his fans have been wishing for. He wasn’t expecting to see this one fan in particular, and his composure starts to unravel as secrets are revealed and truth starts to surface.
Is the story over for Starr and Silas? Do they get their happily ever after or was that one night just fictional fantasies between two star crossed lovers.
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. “I am really not feeling well, I think I am going to go back to the hotel.” I practically cry to Angie, Kim and Kiersten as we walk up to the convention center. I don’t think I can handle actually seeing him again and if I would have known before this morning that he was going to be doing his first ever book signing here, in New Orleans I would never have agreed to come. My best friends brought me here to help me get over the asshole that broke my heart, little do they know, they are going to bring me face to face with him.
“You are not, this is the whole reason we came here. Suck it up buttercup, you’re staying,” Angie says cheerfully. I want to punch her but she is so proud of herself for coming up with this idea. I feel my stomach roll with every step closer to the front doors. I’m going to vomit all over him and then laugh, it would serve him right.
“Angie please just let me go back to the hotel,” I whine. “Starr seriously? No, you will be fine it’s just your nerves. He is just a human like the rest of us. You will be fine. Besides isn’t Silas like your idol?” I shake my head and march past her to open the front door, but it is pushed out at the same time I reach for the handle and those blue eyes capture me and I watch as the beautiful smile melts off his face. It stings.
“Starr,” he gasps.
“Silas,” I reply with a curt nod. Then I see her. She is even more beautiful in person. Her normally long blonde hair is swept up into a messy side chignon. Little wisps of hair fall down around her ears and over onto her perfect face. Her face turns from his with a smile. She holds her hand out to me and I have the urge to snap her arm in half.
“Starr, I have heard so much about you. It’s so nice to finally meet you,” she says with so much sweetness in her voice it gives me a tooth ache. I look down at her hand, then back to her flawless face. I can’t help but flick my eyes toward Silas.
“I wish I could say the same, on both,” I sneer then maneuver myself around them and through the doors. I can’t stand in front of him for one more second without telling him exactly what a fucking scumbag I think he is. I barely make it to the line up to enter the signing room when I hear my name being called. I know that voice, I know what is sounds like when it’s happy, sad, tired. I know what it sounds like as it calls my name while he comes.
“Starr would you wait just one second? Kendra, go ahead in, I’ll be there in a second.” He kisses her forehead as she smiles and hurries inside. I glance back at Kim, Angie, and Kiersten. They are both standing beside me with their mouths practically open. “You three go ahead, I’ll make sure she comes and finds you. I promise.” Then he winks and they all giggle.
Fucking trader ass bitches.
Once they disappear through the door, he grabs my arm and leads me down a small hallway. He takes a right and opens a door and steps through and holds it for me to follow. I reluctantly do.
“Starr, what are you doing here?”
“Seriously Silas, seriously? That is what you think you have the right to ask me? It’s been five months Silas, Five months since I have heard a single word from you. Then come to find out after everything. All the speeches about being honest, you are fucking married. You’re a fucking pig and I can’t even stand the sight of you. You make me sick, thinking about what I helped you do to that poor woman out there. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hate you Silas.” The words fly out of my mouth so fast I barely have time to realize what I am even saying. I open my mouth to say more but he takes a few steps towards me and we are so close now I can smell his aftershave. It does things to my insides and my pussy clinches at the memory of him between my thighs.
“You might be pissed but you don’t hate me Starr, You still want me and I can smell you from here.” He whispers as he leans down and captures my mouth with his. I sigh and lean into his body and drape my arms across his shoulders. His kiss is deep, powerful, all consuming. His lips bruise mine as we both fight for control. So much emotion is poured into our movements and when his hands slip down to my thighs, he lifts my legs and they wrap around his waist as he crashes us into the wall. He is ripping and pulling at my shirt with so much need I feel as if I am the only thing that can keep him alive and he will cease to exist if I don’t give into him. I need to stop this, he is married, but I want it, I can’t stop it.
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