Tuesday, 14 July 2015

REVIEW - Love Collides By L.A.Cotton - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Holy Potatoes!!!!

Having read the other two books I dived into this one head first. I had major book hangovers from the others and needed my fix!!

Staci is a strong, independent feisty blonde. She doesn't need people in her life, she doesn't want that. She wants to live her life her way with no distractions and no tie downs. She's wired to run, why? You will find out.

Kade is sexy, mysterious and has secrets of his own to keep. He too doesn't want to settle down, he keeps people at arms length.

When these two's fates collide together they both are shocked and scared by what they feel.

I said it before I'll say it again "HOLY POTATOES". This book is beyond words amazing. I went through so many emotions reading it. I ended up finishing it with tears running down my face.

This one was my favourite. I loved it.

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