Monday, 6 July 2015

REVIEW - Corrupted by Sapphire Knight - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

**Arc given for honest review**

Corrupted is book 4 in Sapphire Knight's Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers Series but it can be read after book 1 Secrets.
Personally I would read all 4 in order but as long as you read Secrets first before reading this it's fine.

We first meet Viktor in Secrets, he's Tate's brother and is now running the Bratva for his uncle.

Elaina is also first met in Secrets, she is actually Emily's sister who ironically almost kills her in a car crash.  She suddenly discovers she has family and this is wonderful to her.

In corrupted Viktor has been taking care of Elaina and keeping an eye on her and well has fallen for her in a big way.  But there's several problems.  One, Elaina at the moment does not feel the same way about him as he does her.
Two, she has no idea about his family and what they do.  Or what he does.....

Another problem comes in the shape of Viktor's admirer/stalker Kendall who believes he should be with her and will go to crazy lengths to ensure of it!

Although Viktor is the ideal Bratva leader, strong, detached, willing to do whatever he needs to do.
He is also soft, caring, loving and protective especially of his Princess Elaina.

He's two men in one and what a hot mix that is!  Elaina seems to think so eventually!

Every book in this series just gets better and better and I cannot wait to see who's story we get to read next.

This book is one wild rollercoaster from start to finish and if you are a stranger to Sapphire's books you will not be disappointed!
If you are not then of course you know you will love it, what are you doing reading the reviews then??

Sapphire Knight is one of my one click authors, read this book and find out why!!

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