Thursday, 30 July 2015

REVIEW - Revival by Rebecca Sherwin - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Revival is book 2 in the Twisted series.

This book is written in Curtis's point of view. It allows you a glimpse into the life of Curtis, Including his childhood.
Curtis is dark, because his life has always been dark.. But Skye is the light, and he can't handle that so he sends her away.

He gets drawn into some shady things and then can't see an escape from it. He is on a one way spiral into destruction, of himself........

But in some twist of fate Skye is thrust back into his life in a spectacular way.

And OMG HOLY HELL the ending!! I must have had a face like I had been slapped round it with a wet fish!! :o

This book like the 1st one left me needing to dive into the next one immediately with no break and no seconds between them.

And left me thinking, I only have one more book left........................ :(

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