Thursday, 30 July 2015

REVIEW - Survival by Rebecca Sherwin - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

This book sucks you in, chews you up and spits you out at the end a snivelling, shaking wreck needing another fix.

You have heard of the expression Book Hangover? Well this was me after this book. I was lucky I had book 2 to dive in immediately after. But it left me wondering "what will I do when I finish book 3"?

Skye has had to cope with so much in her young life, she is lucky she has her twin brother Oliver. He's her rock and she's his. They are stronger together and are trying to earn enough money to afford to move out of their mother's crappy home.

But fate strikes and leaves Skye alone and with no-one to turn to and no-one to trust. Or did it? She has Curtis, Curtis feels responsible for her predicament and he takes it upon himself to look after her. There is no-one else to, it falls on him. But he has his own demons to fight and he believes he is not good enough for her. So he gives her an out.

Skye moves on and makes a new life for herself, she meets Thomas and falls in love with him and her life is set and planned for the rest of it. Or is it? Because fate deals another devastating blow to Skye and again she is left alone............

This book is amazeballs, I mean it is soul destroying, it tore me up inside. Just as you think all is fine in the world and BAM, it changes. It pretty much sums up what terrifies me the most in life. Life is fragile, love can be torn from you in a second. That is why you should live life to the full. This is the message I believe this book gives you.

I loved it and I dove straight into book 2 immediately.....

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