Monday, 20 July 2015

REVIEW - Rekindling the Flame by L.V.Lewis - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

I have never heard of any of the Den of Sin books and this is book 22.  They are all standalones but now I have read one I want to seek out more of them.

Rekindling the Flame centres around Sabine who returns to her home town to visit her uncles hospital bed after a horrific accident.  Having recently spilt up from a serious relationship she is certainly not looking for a relationship.  However staying at her family's hotel during their Den of Sin event means she could certainly release some sexual tension.

Xander has worshipped Sabine since they were younger and he was just her brothers friend.  Can he have a chance at happiness with her?  

I really liked this book.  It was unusual and I hadn't heard of these series of books before but I shall definitely be finding out more of them to read now. link

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