Monday, 6 July 2015

REVIEW - S.I.R. Part two by Samantha Knight - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

**Arc gifted for honest review**

Having read book 1 and loving it waiting for book 2 was pure torture!  But eventually it arrived and I got stuck in.

Book 2 takes us 6 months ahead from the shocking ending in book 1.  6 Months have passed and Starr has not heard from Silas at all.  Doesn't mean she hasn't stopped thinking of him though!!  She has been in mental and physical torture, struggling with the fact she had fallen in love with him and it had all exploded around her finding out he was married.

So her friends organise a massive trip to a big book signing where they know the famous S.I.R. is going to reveal himself to the world and unveil his hidden identity.  What they do not know is that Silas is the person Starr is so upset over!!

Oh dear what could happen?  Well lots actually but you will have to read it to find out!!


Oh ok I will tell you this.  One moment at dinner will have you gasping at the sheer ordacity of it!

I liked book 2, maybe not quite as much as book 1 and only because I find it so weird that Starr still lets him in to her heart and bed when he's such an ass!
All I will say is, you will be hanging on for book 3!!

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