Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I dived straight into this one after reading book 1 Fates Love. These books can be read as standalones but I really enjoyed reading them in order.

Sharn is 24 years old and has found herself back in her home town, and back in her parents home.
She has totally given up on men, just not finding "THE ONE". Her work in the school takes over her life.

Keefer keeps himself to himself, he doesn't share any information with anyone. With work and his dad he has no time to date and he can't be doing with questions about his dad. So he doesn't bother.

A baseball program at Sharn's school throws them together and the sparks fly off them! Both of them are so confused, what is this they feel?

This book!! It is amazing!! I loved it, I did want to slap Sharn a few times but it was the dogs wotsits!! Just amazeballs.

L.A.Cotton is now a one click author of mine lol.

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