Monday, 6 July 2015

REVIEW - The Quest of Perkins Vale by L.B.Dunbar - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

** Arc gifted for honest review**

The Quest of Perkins Vale is book 3 in the series.  It starts after the end of book 1 and runs alongside book 2 The Story of Lansing Lotte.  I would still recommend reading books 1 and 2 before reading this one.

Perkins Vale is the drummer for the rockband The Nights.  After that fateful night at the end of book 1 he is struggling with some issues.
He blames himself for what happened.  Why?  Because he saw her, the one!

Ever since he was 13 Perkins has been searching for the girl he knows is the one he is destined to be with forever.  Hes 25 now and a virgin still because he's waiting for her, saving himself for her!  Crazy right?  I mean he's in a rockband surely he can't be a virgin?  Um yes he can.
He promised her he would return for her, and he could never find her again.  Until that night at the club, that night when he saw her.  Hollister SanGrael, he knew in his heart she was the young girl he had promised to save.

Hollister is living at the womans shelter, she doesn't even know how she ended up at a rock concert for the womens shelter to be honest.  But she ends up with Perkins.  She has some horrific secrets of things that happened when she was young and is deeply traumatised by those events.

Can dear, sweet lovable giant Perkins convince her that not only is he the 13 year old lad she remembers that gave her hope in the form of his fathers ring?  Can he win her heart and trust?

Read on and find out.

I absolutely adored this book.  It's so strange, I loved book 1, didn't like book 2 as much and now loved book 3!
The storyline in this book is incredible and kept me in suspense the whole time.  And the ending!! I swooned its so adorable and sweet!
You just want to totally fall in love with sweet Perkins Vale.  Everyone needs a Perkins to love and adore them.

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